Sport at Collaton St Mary

Physical Education at Collaton St Mary not only promotes the importance of regular physical activity, but also emphasises how a balanced, nutritious diet is vital to the children’s development. PE lessons are fun, engaging and informative and are carefully planned and delivered to ensure a progression of skills from Reception all the way through to Year 6.

Children at Collaton St Mary benefit from attending various sports festivals, competing against other schools from across Torbay.  Such festivals give children the opportunity to attempt new sports which they may not have previously encountered, by promoting inclusion and participation over finishing first. During the spring term of 2014 alone, children across all year groups have taken part in Tag Rugby, Futsal and Gymnastics festivals, with three of our classes progressing on to further festivals due to their success.

Sporting opportunities are also available to children outside of school hours at Collaton St Mary. Football, netball and cricket clubs are available to the children in KS2, whilst in KS1 our weekly ‘get going club!’ aims to teach our younger children how a nutritious and healthy lifestyle can support their everyday lives. This club, inspired by the government initiative ‘Change for life’, gives children an awareness of the dangers of obesity and smoking as well as introducing them to a range of alternative sports such as orienteering, with a focus on adventure. As well as these opportunities our KS2 children have the chance to join our performing arts club, where the children choreograph and perform a range of gymnastics and dance skills. Each year the children then get to perform their dance at the English Riviera Centre which celebrates performing arts in schools across Torbay.

A considerable emphasis is also placed on swimming at Collaton St Mary, with each KS2 class spending half a term having weekly swimming sessions at a Brixham swimming pool. This culminates in the swimming gala in the summer term, with a range of children being given the chance to represent the school in this gala.

Collaton have this year employed a specialist sports apprentice to  enhance the delivery of PE across the school, whilst also promoting inclusion, healthy lifestyle and the importance of competitive festivals outside of school. Mr Rogers has introduced various extra-curricular activities, both traditional and more alternative, which has seen participation in sport increase considerably this year. His support with our PE partnership and with various sports teams has ensured the children understand the importance of sport in our school. Mr Rogers has supported this year’s successful football team, who have competed across Torbay in league and cup matches and will be participating in a finals night to take place in May at Torquay United.

Our school this year invested in joining a cluster of schools in partnership with Paignton Community and Sports Academy. This partnership has provided children the opportunity to take part in half-termly sporting festivals, as well as a specialist PE teacher from PCSA delivering weekly sessions to the children. These sessions have been observed by our teachers to improve their own subject knowledge. The partnership also provide resources, meeting opportunities and relevant courses which are available to all of our teachers. The cluster of varying local schools has also given the school the chance to organise additional sporting opportunities for our children.  In addition to this, we have a long standing partnership with South Devon College, and our children have regular opportunities to have coaching sessions at the college, and also are regularly taught by student sports coaches, which further enhances the provision they receive.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle in sport is supported by our ‘Food for Life’ gold award. This encourages a healthy lifestyle as well a balanced, nutritious diet throughout the school. This not only includes sourcing organic ingredients, but also giving children an education in growing and preparing food which is full of energy and goodness. The importance of sport alongside this healthy lifestyle is constantly reinforced across all subject areas.

All of our PE provision throughout the year culminates in our summer term sports day. Our sports day gives all children the chance to showcase their athletic and sporting ability, with an emphasis on enjoyment and inclusion. Competitive events are also an important part of the day, with the children taking part in sprints, relays and long jumps to earn points for their teams. Sports day is an excellent opportunity for the whole school to celebrate our year of sporting achievement with friends and family of Collaton St Mary.

For a breakdown of how we are spending our PE sports premium, please see the 'About Us' tab.